Storing bulk foods in jars

Glass jars with hand-printed labels

I buy a lot of my baking staples and spices in bulk. I’ve accumulated glass storage jars over time, but only recently have I hit upon a labelling convention that:

  • can be applied to many types and sizes of jars
  • creates a uniform look among said diversity of jars
  • doesn’t take too long to create
  • can be made with the supplies I have at hand.


  • graph paper (or other plain paper)
  • Sharpie
  • decorative tape (mine is from Daiso)

To make these, just write out the label on the graph paper. Then tape the paper to the jar. That’s it. Cute, coherent, and finished. The fact that it’s so easy helps me get over the pressure of making ‘nice’ letters. If your first try is not as nice as your imagination says it can be, you can always replace it with another try for the cost of five minutes’ effort.

Pro tip: If you try this with decorative tape that is not too sticky, consider using a bit of glue. Trust your instincts. You can see, if you look closely, that my tape is peeling at one edge.


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